Powerful Shiva Shakti Ardaneshwara Mantra Meditation Candle with Swarovski Crystals

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"Om Namah Shivayah"

Printed on back of candle:

Lord Shiva represents the aspect of the Supreme Being that continuously dissolves to recreate
in the cyclic process of creation, preservation, dissolution and recreation of the universe.
Shiva-Ardhanarishvara is one of the most well known hypostasis of Shiva. It is the mysterious expression of his divine, androgynous, bipolar nature, in which he, in his manifestation as the
Supreme Masculine, is intimately fused with his own Feminine half. Shiva-Ardhanarishvara is
the divine glorious androgyne. Shiva-Ardhanarishvara is the expression of the inseparable
fusion between Shiva and Shakti – The Supreme Transcendent and the creative feminine
energy, the masculine and feminine aspects, which then exists in a state of perfect neutrality and polar equilibrium. Shiva-Ardhanarishvara is also the divine, cosmic being that exists beyond any polarity or duality, situated above all complementary aspects that exist in manifestation.

***Each candle is smudged, blessed and grounded. And is infused with the high energy, love and protection of our PachaMama, Mother Earth. Please read my profile for more information on my sacred journey of blessing these candles through my special meditation given to me in my meditation visions from our Creator. ***

Last over 100 hours.

Great for altars and gifts.

Also available in Spanish.

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