Aztec/Mexica Calendar candle with Swarovski Crystals

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🌟Hand made Aztec/Mexica (Meshica) calendar candle embellished with Swarovski Crystals. On back side is information regarding the calendar with its true original name, Tonal Machiotl.🌟

🌟Text on back side of candle:

🌟This calendar is known to many as the Aztec calendar. Its true original name in the Mayan and Nahuatl language is Tonal Machiotl. Tonal means, “suns”, and machiotl means, “diagram”. To comprise the name of Tonal Machiotl- ”The diagram of the suns that have been and will be”. Or just “Stone of the Sun”, a cosmic indicator of great cycles. This calendar indicates the movement of our sun and aids in understanding of the solstices and equinoxes. It is harmonious to our nature cycle therefore creating a harmonious connection with earth and man to benefit from every aspect from our creator, Hunab Ku, who is the source of all energy: Divine consciousness which manifests as an infinite number of possible forms throughout all dimensions.


🌟Today humanity has the great opportunity to learn from the calendar, for it contains cosmic knowledge that can bring humanity back into the correct alignment with the natural rhythms of creation. Why is this so? Because our relationship with nature is connected to our perception of time. The unnatural timing of the Gregorian calendar system is an “artificial time”, which does not synchronize with any natural cycle, serves only to disempower human beings by obscuring their natural connection to nature, the cosmos, and Hunab K’u. This forces humanity into the abyss of physical and spiritual destruction by a few groups who control the majority of humankind all of which amounts to a conspiracy against the human race and Mother Nature.

🧿Each candle is smudged, blessed and grounded. And is infused with the high energy, love and protection of our PachaMama, Mother Earth. Please read my profile for more information on my sacred journey of blessing these candles through my special meditation given to me in my meditation visions from our Creator. 🧿

🧿Last over 100 hours.

🧿Great for altars and gifts.

🧿Also available in Spanish

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