🧿Triple Power Smudge Kit! Copal, Palo Santo & White Sage for Protection, Cleansing, and Purification!

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✨This awesome smudge kit includes all 3 items pictured packed in a beautiful organza bag✨

🌟Perfect on the go kit for smudging!

🧿This smudge kit has the three most powerful shamanic tools for smudging and magical work: Copal, Palo Santo, & White Sage!🧿

*Copal’s resin was well known for its therapeutic and medicinal uses and reports suggest that it was also used as glue. Copal oil is used in aromatherapy to treat a number of diseases. In some cases, the resin is used in tea to treat bronchitis and applied locally for coughs and rheumatism. With many contemporary uses, copal is a true ally for body and mind.

*Palo Santo or "Holy Stick" is a natural wood aromatic incense used for centuries by the Incas and indigenous people of the Andes as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing, as well as to get rid of evil spirits and misfortune, as well as for medicinal purposes.

*Native Americans started the tradition of using Sacred Sage to ward off evils spirits and negative energies, and white sage has been used in ceremonies to seek blessings of health and prosperity, banish spirits, encourage protection. Sacred sage can amplify any clearing and protective techniques that you are already using. As a plant, and a living being, sage also has a Spirit. The Spirit of sage is dedicated to offering protection, blessings, and clearing.

Kit includes:

- One small bag of copal resin incense, 1 oz.
-One Palo Santo smudging stick, approx. 3-4" long
-One small White Sage smudging stick.
-One page on smudging instructions.

Also contains instruction on how to clear your space from unwanted energies. Having been made by nature sizes will vary.

The art of smudging has a long tradition with Native Americans. Used to cleanse, protect or heal the space or aura. The herbs in the smudge have beneficial properties and help reconnecting with the power of our Mother Earth.

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