Peruvian Copal & Palo Santo Cones for Protection, Cleansing, and Purifying!

Peruvian Copal & Palo Santo Cones for Protection, Cleansing, and Purifying!

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β˜€πŸŒŸβ˜€100% Pure Peruvian Copal & Palo Santo Cones for Protection, Cleansing and Purifying!β˜€πŸŒŸβ˜€

🌟These Peruvian Copal & Palo Santo cones are awesome! And combined together for a powerfully protective unique smudging experience! They smell divine and are a great way to purify and bless your space!

Palo Santo is used for increasing everything positive as well as removing the negative energies from your home, office and other surroundings bringing positive energy to your space with a sweet freshness! It serves as a 100% mosquito and insect repeller, ideal for children's rooms.

🌟Copal is a powerful and gentle healer that removes and transmutes negative energies of all kinds
and of all levels. The copal joins the powerful energy of the sun with the transmutative properties of
the Earth. Copal is a powerful ally for spiritual, mental, physical, energetic and relationship health.
It brings protection and helps in the manifestation of ideas in the concrete world.
Copal awakens psychic abilities as well and strengthens the auric body. It can also remove
energy blockages and aligns the physical body with the etheric one.

🌟A great alternative for burning Palo Santo wood sticks! These palo santo and copal cones are more practical because they burn on their own and don't have to keep relighting them like the wood sticks.


*This listing is for 6 cones.

*Each cones burns for 40-45 mins long.

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