100% Pure Sacred Peruvian Black Copal Sticks for Protection, Blessing, & Purification!

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☀🌟☀100% Sacred Peruvian Black Copal☀🌟☀

🍃Just in from Peru! Yeah!!

🌟Peruvian copal gods gifted me a visit and was able to procure some divine offerings from Peru to you!

🍃Eco friendly harvested

🌏Ethically, Handmade, Fair Trade & Sustainable Peruvian Artisan Products.

🔥This listing is for seven (7) Peruvian copal incense sticks.
🔥Each one burns for 45 mins.🔥Each stick measures 8" in length

🔥Copal Negro, Black Copal, (Protium Grandifolium) a premium copal resin from Peru, which originates from a completely different tree than the lighter Copals. Copal Negro produces a complex, multi-layered scent that is very pleasant and uplifting.

 Ethically harvested in the Great Amazonian Rainforest.

🌟Sticks are made of Black Copal resin- Dacryoides Peruviana.

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