🌟Temple of India Incense🌟

🌟Temple of India Incense🌟

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🌟☀🌟Temple of India Incense🌟☀🌟

Smells just like temples in India! Best Incense in the market! You will love it!

🌟Best Incense on the planet! Hands down! You better believe it!

The heavenly, exotic scent of an Indian temple. This is a very popular incense fragrance! Package contains 14-15 sticks, and says "15g." on the front.

Natural incenses are prepared with Natural Perfume Oils, Resins and Wood Powders. These materials are hand rolled over the thin bamboo sticks. They are used in temples, at home and work places to create a pleasant, peaceful and holy atmosphere.

Perfect incense to bring a meditative atmosphere, and to remove stuck energy from your home, office or personal items. The smell is divine and feels as if you just walked into a temple in India. One of the best if not THE best sandalwood incense on the planet!
Perfect for everyday smudging and enjoying the blissful scent of the essence of India.