🕉️Aum Power Incense Sticks to Purify, Bless and Protect🕉️

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🌟☀🌟 Aum Power Incense Sticks! 🌟☀🌟

Artisan Hand Made Incense, each stick is made by hand, rolled, and packaged. Finest herbs and resin have been used to make these sticks. No chemicals or additives added. Sweet natural divine herbs withs scents that are not perfumey or fake fused.

🌟Aum Power Incense Sticks can be used to sanctify or purify a space and is a good aid to meditation or deep relaxation.

These divine incenses are all natural and are made from a unique blend of herbs, flowers, & resins. They are free from toxic materials which brings you a safe and natural experience.

🌟This listing is for 20 sticks, 8" Long.
🌟Burn time: 35-40 mins

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