🔥Copal "Aztek Aura" Natural Organic Perfume Oil!🔥

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✨Smell divine with my Aztek Aura Copal Perfume Oil! Its aromatic magical essence takes you on a mesmerizing, refreshing, transcendental state of happiness as it takes you back to something mystical and ancient!

Copal has been used since prehispanic times by the Mexican/Aztek/Mayan indigenous tribes since time immemorial. Copal is used for sending prayers to the divine dimensions where our ancestors are. Copal is a signal to the divine elemental realms that we are open to receive ancestral healing, guidance, visions, and blessings.

🌞A Smokeless Smudge!🌞

* Brings Protection, Grounding, Anointing and Purification
* Clear the energy field/aura around yourself
* Transmutes and Releases unwanted low vibration energies
* Brings Clarity & Positivity
* Harmonizes your sacred space
* Ancestral Connection
* Excellent for candle anointing
* Opens up your psychic awareness
* Anoint yourself on your third eye
* Apply on your temples for clarity.
* Clears away bad thoughts, misfortune, evil eye, etc.

✨Anoint your crystals, ritual tools, your sacred space and yourself!! Use this oil whenever you feel you need to!

✨Its uses were many as it holds many benefits still yet to be discovered. Personally, Copal is my favorite resin and I love the smell, it is so refreshing and purifying!

✨This oil was created by me, with the highest intention of love, healing, protection and blessings. My energy, essence, and mantras are imbued within my creations structural resonance for harmony and all around well being.

✨All ingredients are organic made with the best of what mother Earth provides so abundantly.

✨This listing is for 1 (10 ml) Roll on Bottle of copal oil.

✨✨This copal is of the highest grade of white copal from Puebla, Mexico. It is copal from the "penca". A #1 pure grade copal with organic fractionated coconut oil.

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