Sacred Ceremonial Turkey Feather in Leather

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Sacred Ceremonial Turkey Feather in Leather 

🌟Add this awesome divine tool to your spiritual arsenal! Use it for clearing out all the gunky low vibrational energy that gets stuck in places we can't even imagine or see! But it's there, you can feel it as well. Energy is everywhere and when things get stagnant like cob webs or dirt in corners it attracts things that are not likely to be our cup of tea. So what do we do?! Smudge it! With what?! Copal of course!! What else would I recommend! Lol. But seriously, any resin would do the job, it's just that copal is the best in my book! I love the smell! It takes me back to my ancestors in Mexico, their danzas and ceremonies, a faint memory from the past that still lingers in the air and gets activated with the aromas of the divine copal!!

🌟The divine power of feathers is that it literally "combs" out the subtle toxic low vibrational energies around our aura or spaces that we pick up or create in this world. They have been used by our ancestors since time immemorial for blessing, purifying and protection.

🌟Smudge feathers are a great asset and tool to use with your spiritual practice.
"No two are exactly alike". Each feather is 10-12" inches. Each is unique with slight variations.

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